Friday, July 22, 2016

Our Version of Veagas: Clean and on a budget!

Vegas!  If you're like me this destination might not be on the very top of your Places to Go list.  BUT we had a blast the last time we went and we saved quite a bit of money too!
We started our trip with dinner and a show thanks to my work.  We saw Mystere and it was so cool, definitely would see it again!  Even if you don't have a sweet hook up like we did, Treasure Island was selling 2 for 1 tickets to their guests that stayed there. 

We've mastered the art of sharing!  We would always share a meal, treat, or really whatever!  It made it so we could try more things, wouldn't waste and it helped the wallet too. 
One of our favorite things we shared was at Carlo's Bake Shop at the Venetian.

We got a cannoli and dark chocolate mouse, both of them were incredible!

Vegas has SO many things to see!  We walked around a ton while we were there, make sure to pack water and good shoes! 

Everything changes at night, more lights, people and cooler temps!

At the Mirage they have a volcano go off every night at a specific time.  It lasts just a few minutes, and it's free. 

We loved walking around Hershey's Chocolate World.  These Reese's candles smelled so dreamy!

The Mix It Up Kisses wall was pretty great too!

We had high hopes for Hershey's but in the end M&M World was way better! So much more unique things to see and you can watch a free short movie, with AC it's amazing! Even their wall of M&M's is bigger and better!

Our favorite thing we did on this trip was at The Coca Cola Store, specifically trying the Tastes of the World!  We also got the floats for just a little bit more, but it was worth it!  This would be so fun to do as a family or a group!

The floats were our favorite of all! So delicious!

The different sodas were so fun to try.

Here's what we tried...

Pretty sure Smart Watermelon from China was my favorite of the sodas.

And pretty sure our least favorite was Beverly from Italy.  :/

We had dinner at Holsteins Shakes and Buns, it was great.  Our favorite dish was actually an appetizer, lobster truffle macaroni and cheese. We felt so fancy and refined!

While researching fun and free things to do in Vegas so many popped up at The Bellagio! 
Most people know about their fountains, and those are a must see but I had no idea about their Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, practically in their lobby.  They were amazing. 

While at the gardens take a little walk down the hall and see the world's largest chocolate fountain at Jean Philippe Patisserie.

This was a splurge for sure but on our way back to the hotel one night we grabbed some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.  It was so creamy and cold, and perfect for a summer night!

On our way out of town we grabbed some super cheap donuts just off the strip at Ronald's Donuts.  Our favorite were the donut holes!

We also made a quick stop at the Gold & Silver Pawn shop, known for their show Pawn Stars.  It was nice to see but for us it kind of a waste of time really. 

We drove a little ways out of town to go to the Hoover Dam.  We took a tour (the only one that was available at that time) and loved all the interesting info!  We were true tourists!  If you're interested in going make sure to check their website for times of specific tours so you'll catch the one you want.

Even though we were only there for a few short days, we had so much fun.  For our first real vacation together I think it was a success!  Now on to the next adventure!

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